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We are the Reddit social clan of the SEA server. Our main forum is www.reddit.com/worldoftanks

We are currently accepting all players as long as you speak English and are willing to get on Teamspeak 3 and be social.
Team Speak 3 is a (MUST) If you don't have it or don't plan on using it when you play don't apply please.
We also require you to have a Reddit account if you don't have one make one (FOR FREE) and send us your Reddit name.
Too all new players we have a few experienced tankers in this clan and in FLUKE who are willing to teach you how to play.

Officers are:
TheIronMind (Commander)
Sushiman70 (Deputy Commander)
Ym107 (Deputy Commander)
blahblahblah3000 (Company Commander)
StoneyLEPI (Company Commander)
hufwe (Company Commander)
Stealthy (Recruiter)

Military Personnel (47) Data as of

# User Name Position Joined