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We are the Reddit Stronghold clan of the SEA server.
We are looking for dedicated regular World of Tanks players for the Stronghold game mode and later, expansion onto the Global Map.

Clan Requirements:
- You must install and use Teamspeak 3 and be online at least 3 times per week.
- Have a 1000 Wn8 rating overall or 1500 recent Wn8
- Minimum 50% W/R
- 2k battles played or at least one tier 8 tank
- Age minimum 16+ (exceptions to mature gamers)

Please include in your application: your Reddit username, or page, and a reason for you wanting to join our clan!

Officers are:
hufwe (Commander)
Ym107 (Deputy Commander)
blahblahblah3000 (Company Commander)
StoneyLEPI (Recruiter)
Discolemonade (Recruiter)
Stealthy (Recruiter)

Military Personnel (59) Data as of

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