[KMMHS] Kuromorimine Girls High School

No Matter What Befalls Us, We Advance

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We are the former Sensha-dou champions that reigned nine years in a row and the most prestige school in Girls Und Panzer. Our emblem is an Iron Cross that represent our influence towards German Technology, the our emblem translated as, 'Black Forest Peak'. Let your defenses be of iron, and advance in perfect order. That is the way of Nishizumi-Ryu!

Requirements for Entry:
- Can understand, read, write and speak English
- Owns tier 5 tanks and above
- Have a good sense of Sportsmanship
- Able to use Raidcall
- Able to follow instructions and take orders, and above all
- Willingness to learn and grow
- Willing to socialize and have fun

For more info, please PM Subete_Yoi via forum or visit our Recruitment Thread for any inquiries.

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