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The Grand Finals: Interview With The CN Teams

This time, the Chinese teams want to introduce themselves.

RNG: No Comments Ep. 32

Did you hear? SPGs and tank ramming are the new hotness right now. Watch the newest RNG to see for yourself!

New Tournament: All You Need Is Battle!

Hungry for battle? It’s time for a new challenge from across the sea!

The Grand Finals: Interview With The CIS Teams

We asked both best teams from the Russian server for a presentation. See here what they got to say!

[Facebook Contest] Show Your Support for ELONG!

The ELONG T-shirt design contest has ended and we have a winner, but you can be one too. Find out how you can get your own in this new contest!

[Video] The Challenger and the Chieftain

Did you know that The Challenger once served as a driver for the Chieftain (the tank, not the man)? Check out this video where he presents the vehicle in all its glory.

Viva La Winners of WGL!

Cheer on our teams during the League Grand Finals!

The Grand Finals: Exclusive AMX 13 57 tank

A new challenger appears! Get to know the new French AMX 13 57 that is going to be available exclusively during the Grand Finals!

eSports Spotlight: GASHPLUS_NightEagles

Find out how this Taiwanese tank crew plans on soaring above the pack!

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