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New Media Uploaded (November 2014)

In tribute to the German Tech Tree, the RU 251 is our tank of the month for November's wallpaper and calendar.

[PH] Christmas Tank Raffle Assault

We're holding a Christmas raffle! There will be a simple task to achieve 1,000 Gold for yourself and a chance to win WOT merchandise and tank models!

[CONTEST] Speed Skirmish: Absolute [UPDATED]

Roll out your Tier X tanks in Skirmish battles for Gold! Update: We now have our winners!

Update 9.4: Changes in the Ramming Mechanics

Ramming is a good way of dealing damage while conserving ammo at the same time. See what changes it will undergo.

[Contest] Medal Madness: Demolition Expert [UPDATED]

Time to blow up some turrets for this week's Medal Madness contest! Update: We now have our winners!

Monthly Specials for November

Check out the month-long bonuses we've got in store for you in November!

New Player, New Ace! T-127 Ace Mastery Contest [UPDATED]

Calling all new tank commanders! Have you read the Player Induction Guide yet? Show us what you've learned by earning an Ace Mastery medal with your T-127 and we'll reward you with some gold! Update: We now have our winners!

[Contest] Medal Madness: Arsonist

Forget shooting at ammo racks and exploding turrets to earn medals for the contest - try destroying your enemy by setting them on fire instead!

01 - 30 November: [Premium Shop] Month-Long Specials

The BT-SV from the USSR is rolling out into Asia's server for the first time! Check the specials here.

WoT/ GuP 2014 Calendars: Nov & Dec

The Commander of the Anglerfish Team is our calendar girl for November and December! Download here.

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