9.8 Prove your superiority in the new game mode Domination! Prove your superiority in the new game mode Domination!


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WGL APAC-Asia Season I 2015 – 2016 Week 5

Time is running out – will our teams be able to prove themselves in battle?

Inside the Hatch: M56 SPAT, Pt. 1

The Chieftain returns with a new video! Introducing the lightweight M56 Scorpion which was designed for airborne operations, this TD was interesting and innovative in many ways. Want to learn more? Watch it now!

Monthly Special: July 2015

Convert your Free EXP to Crew EXP again, all the way 'till September! But wait, there's more. This month, complete a new mission series and get access to the new FV201 (A45) British heavy tank - permanently!

[Video] Virtually Inside the Tanks: T-34-76

This 360 video is your chance to sit at the controls of the T-34-76 up close and in person!

[Video] Virtually Inside the Tanks: M4A3E8 Fury

Sit in the commander's hatch of last year's biggest movie star: the M4A3E8 Fury!

[Contest] Domination: AMX 50B (D) [UPDATED]

Hey, you. How good are you at commanding autoloaders? Update: We now have our winners!

[Video] Virtually Inside the Tanks: Chieftain

Have a look around the Chieftain tank in this 360 video... literally!

[Video] Virtually Inside the Tanks: Leopard I

The Leopard I is revealed in its full glory in this 360 video!

[Contest] Battle Brag: Sexton I & Excelsior [Updated]

How good are you in the driver's seat of the Sexton I or the Excelsior? Show us your skills and you could win some gold in this week's contest! Update: We now have our winners!

[Contest] Battle Brag: STA-2

Take the STA-2 out for a ride and score a Fire for Effect achievement for a chance to win this contest!

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