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The WGL APAC Asia series has concluded!

It's been an entertaining six weeks! Discover the results for the last week of matches here and learn who's moving on to play in the Top 4 Playoffs stage.

Special Offer: Discount on Clan Management [Updated]

You can now create or rename your clan with lower prices in World of Tanks!

Pinoy Tank Pride Tournament: Winners Annonucement

We finally have our winners! Click here to find out who's the champion of the Pinoy Tank Pride Tournament that concluded last week.

ASAP #25 - Tank Rally

Have questions about the latest racing mode? Find some answers here.

[Contest] Gold Series Playoffs Prediction!

Guess the final 2 teams for a prize. Try your luck. You might be one of the 20 winners to receive 500 Gold!

Best Clan Wars Replay of the Week (29 Sep - 6 Oct) 2014)

Be your clan's video journalist today! Capture some footage of you and your clanmates in the thick of a Clan Wars battle and win some gold.

Support Maintenance on 29 September, 2014

World of Tanks will be conducting a maintenance on the support site on 29 September, 2014.

Tank Rally Mode Missions and Specials [UPDATED]

The newest custom game mode is now roaring into World of Tanks and we're offering new missions and even sales to go with it! UPDATE: The Teamkilling penalty system has been disabled for the Tank Rally mode ONLY. Have fun!

[Tank Illustrations] Artist's Choice- Part 10: Vickers Medium Mark II

In part 10, manga artist Takeshi NOGAMI, known for original military manga such as 'Moe! Tank School!' and 'Strike Witches' spin-off manga brings us the British medium tank Medium Mk.II!

[PH] Cafe Tank Wars Battle Schedule

The big battle is on this Sunday! Are you ready for it?

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