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Update 9.17.1 to release on 28 Feb 2017 important

Update 9.17.1 will soon be released. Discover revised Tech Trees, a new Strongholds battle format, improved platoon spawning system, and more.

[Weekend Special] Get Your Survival Pack

Get the essential consumables this week by winning 5 battles! Garage slots are also on sale and Free EXP conversion rates have been temporarily increased.

[Tournament] Military Drill Series 2017 Week 9

Work your way up the ranks and dominate the battlefield!

[Video] Best Replays of the Week International #53

Grab some popcorn and your favourite drink. It's time to watch some great replays!

[Weekend Special] Tank Nation Spotlight: USA

The American tech tree is full of powerful and versatile tanks that can assume almost any role in battle. Get a mid-tier vehicle at a discount today to try it out, or purchase the T34 and SuperPershing in the Premium Shop!

[Clan Wars] Stronghold Mode Revision: When’s and How’s

Find out the release schedule, Reserves and Structures transition, compensations, and more.

WGL APAC Season II 2016-2017 Week 6

And Team Efficiency does it again! Check out this week’s best match moments and don’t forget to tune in!

[PH] Meet Our Tank Commanders

Members of the Philippine Army has been invited to talk about their experience with tanks. Join us!

9.17.1 Common Test #2 [UPDATED]

Try out the features of the coming update and share your feedback with us! Common Test 9.17.1 #2 is currently INACTIVE.

Update 9.17.1: German Tech Tree

The German Tech Tree will see some changes in Update 9.17.1. The Maus line will be revised, there will be balance changes to medium tanks and TDs, and select Premium vehicles will also see changes.

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