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[Video] Tiger VI & Japanese Heavy Tanks

Here's your chance to see the Japanese Tiger in action, along with a sneak peek at some upcoming juggernauts for the Japanese tech tree.

[Updated] WGL APAC-Asia Season I 2015 – 2016 Gold Top 4 Playoffs

Who will represent Asia at the WGL APAC Season I Finals? Stay tuned to find out!

From Alaska to Siberia: At Full Throttle!

We are happy to announce that the ALSIB-2015 project has successfully taken off.

Take On The WG Team in Team Battle Frenzy! [UPDATED]

Looking for a worthy opponent to play Team Battles with? Test your steel against the WG Team!

[Contest] The Mission: Wargaming 17th Anniversary

Fancy a bit of competition as you race to complete these missions and redeem for a free SU-85I? Join the contest for a chance to win even more gold, Premium time and consumables!

01 - 17 August: [Premium Shop] Wargaming 17th Anniversary Sales

Wargaming is celebrating its 17th birthday on August, and we're putting up some rare tanks for sale on the Premium Shop!

Weekly Special: Wargaming 17th Anniversary

For Wargaming's 17th birthday, save big on massive discounts and earn yourself loads of consumables, equipment parts and even a new SU-85I tank destroyer permanently by completing missions and collecting tokens!

Monthly Special: August 2015

Time to dip your tracks into the competitive side of things with the monthly specials for August!

01 August - 01 September: [Premium Shop] Monthly Giftshop

Live long and prosper with these three new gold-and-credit bundles, available only in August!

Register Now! WGL APAC-ASIA Season I 2015 – 2016: Bronze Series Week 9

We’re into the final week of the Bronze Series – register now!

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